Breadsmart Story

At Breadsmart we don’t want to go back in time but rather bring bread baking back into the present by offering innovative tools and contemporary resources to make this fundamental, yet nearly forgotten, skill accessible to everyone. We want you to enjoy the enriching experience of baking your own loaf of bread and the satisfaction of breaking it with those you love.

We're passionate about helping people discover the joys of baking homemade bread. Our mission is to provide you with the tools, resources, and knowledge you need to become a confident and skilled bread maker.

Our products are designed with both beginners and experienced home bakers in mind. We offer a range of bread-making tools, including bread-making kits, specialty lames, bench scrapers and more, all of which are made with durable, high quality and food-safe materials.

In addition to our products, we're also dedicated to providing educational resources that can help you learn new bread-making techniques and recipes. Our free resources page is filled with tips and tricks for making delicious bread at home.

 Breadsmart is proud to be part of the Masontops family of brands.