7 Tips For Scoring Your Dough

7 Tips For Scoring Your Dough

Unlock the Secrets of Perfect Bread Scoring! Discover the art of precise slashes, unleash your creativity, and achieve bakery-level results. With our essential tips you will elevate your bread-baking game!

Scoring dough is a crucial step in the bread-baking process. By using a sharp tool called a lame, bakers create precise slashes on the surface of the dough, allowing it to expand and rise beautifully in the oven. In this blog post, we will explore some essential tips for scoring dough, helping you achieve professional-looking loaves and unleashing your creativity in the kitchen.

Safety First: Before we dive into the world of bread scoring, it's important to prioritize safety. Our Breadsmart Dual-Ended Specialty Lame comes with a safety cap to protect the blades when not in use. Handle the sharp blades with care, and always follow the provided instructions to ensure a safe and enjoyable baking experience.


7 Tips For Scoring Your Dough:

✔️ The straight blade is easier to use than the curved for beginners.

✔️ If your lame is sticking and pulling your dough, coat the blade in cooking spray.

✔️ If there’s a specific pattern you want to make, draw it out first.

✔️ To make an “ear,” use a curved blade and tilt your wrist to a 30° angle.

✔️ Always make swift and confident slices with the full depth of the blade inserted (about 0.25”).

✔️ The deeper the slash, the more your bread will open up and expand.

✔️ To create an advanced artistic design, use lots of short and shallower slashes⁠.


Scoring dough is a transformative step that allows you to express your creativity while enhancing the appearance and flavour of your homemade bread. Trust us, the Breadsmart Dual-Ended Specialty Lame is the perfect tool to help you unlock your scoring potential.

Try it out, test your creativity on different designs and enjoy this new tool that we are sure, you will absolutely love! 


Happy Baking!


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